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Investigating Underground Martian Ice with Impact Craters - 08/26/2014
Imagine if there was a layer of ice as tall as a 13-story building underneath the entire state of Texas. We have found a layer of ice that big under a region of Mars called Arcadia Planitia.Read Blog >>
Team Chooses Not to Drill 'Bonanza King' - 08/22/2014
The team has chosen not to drill the rock called "Bonanza King" after the rock budged when tapped by the drill.Read More >>
Bone up on Mars Rock Shapes
This Mars rock may look like a femur thigh bone, but its shape is likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water.View Image >>Curiosity Raw Images >>
First You Brush, Then You Drill - 08/18/2014
Curiosity brushed aside the reddish dust to reveal a gray patch as it gets ready to drill the "Bonanza King," rock.Read More >>
Curiosity Mars Rover Prepares for Fourth Rock Drilling - 08/15/2014
Backtracking to get NASA's one-ton Mars rover away from slippery sand has brought the rover to its next candidate rock for drilling.Read More >>
Webcast: Curiosity’s Second Year at Mars
Hear about the epic journey of the Curiosity rover from the deputy project scientist, Ashwin Vasavada. Watch Webcast >>
Recent Videos
High-Def Video of NASA's 'Flying Saucer' Test - 08/08/2014
LDSD principal investigator Ian Clark takes us through a play by play of NASA's 'Flying Saucer' Test in Hawaii, showing us high-definition video shot from cameras on board and on the ground.Watch Video >>Read Related Story >>
Colliding Atmospheres: Mars vs Comet Siding Spring - 08/06/2014
Comet Siding Spring is about to fly historically close to Mars. The encounter could spark Martian auroras, a meteor shower, and other unpredictable effects. Whatever happens, NASA's fleet of Mars satellites will have a ringside seat.Watch Video >>
A Softer Trek to Mount Sharp - 08/05/2014
On the second anniversary of NASA Curiosity on Mars, the rover navigates a sandy valley on its way to Mount Sharp.Watch Video >>Read Related Story >>
Where are the Spacecraft?
Where is Curiosity?
Where are the Rovers?
Opportunity has reached Endeavour crater where it will spend time studying rocks never seen before. After a successful six-year mission, Spirit's mission has officially concluded. See the latest location maps  and  status reports.
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