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Dusty Rover Selfie

These two self-portraits show dust settling on the rover solar panels in January 2014 (left) and wiped clean by wind in late March 2014 (right). More dust equals less sun and reduced power for operations, so we like to see clean panels!

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NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity completed its first Mars marathon Tuesday -- 26.219 miles (42.195 kilometers) - with a finish time of roughly 11 years and two months.
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Mars Exploration Rovers Videos
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View the many unique areas that the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity traveled during its 11 year historic journey.
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Overhead and on-the-ground views of the 25-mile journey NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has made since landing in 2004.
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See how Mars Exploration Rover team members take on the demands of driving a rover millions of miles away from Earth.
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Find out how the Mars Exploration Rover team traversed the Red Planet, examined the diverse environment and transformed our understanding of Mars.
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Some of the team members from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover project were still in college -- or even high school -- when the rovers landed in 2004. Hear their stories of becoming part of this remarkably long-lived and successful mission.
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NASA's Opportunity rover celebrates 8th anniversary on Mars.
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During the three-year trek of NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater, rover planners captured a horizon photograph at the end of each drive. 309 images taken during the 13-mile journey appear in this video.
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