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Contacts: Leon Manfredi

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Mars Student Imaging Project Staff: Leon Manfredi

Leon Manfredi

Instructor, On-site Mars Student Imaging Project (MSIP).

Leon Manfredi is the on-site Mars Student Imaging Project (MSIP) instructor for the Mars Education Program at Arizona State University and brings many great talents to MSIP. Leon graduated from Southwest Missouri State University in 1998 with a
B.S. in Computer Information Systems. After working for Motorola as a software developer for eight years, he returned to school to follow his true passion - geology. Leon received his B.S. in Earth and Space Exploration from Arizona State University in 2010. During that time, he participated in the NASA Space Grant program and had the honor of working with a true giant in planetary sciences, Dr. Ron Greeley.

Leon studied wind features and volcanoes on Mars. As an undergraduate student, Leon became active in many education and public outreach events and realized he enjoyed educating people about planetary geology. He brings his enthusiasm and his planetary geology expertise to the classroom to help the MSIP students and teachers have successful learning experiences. Leon has a M.S. in Geological Sciences where his thesis work focused on determining the volcanic history of the Tempe Volcanic Province on Mars.