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Asteroids as Seen From Mars; A Curiosity Rover First - 04/24/2014
A new image from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is the first ever from the surface of Mars to show an asteroid, and it shows two: Ceres and Vesta.Read More >>
Humans to Mars Summit Today
How will we send humans to Mars by 2030? Mars is hard! Hear epic ideas about what it will take to meet the opportunities and challenges.Agenda>>Live Webcast April 24>>
Participate in a Google+ Hangout
Mars Program Executive, Lisa May will host a Mission to Mars virtual field trip via Google+Hangout on Friday, April 25. You can ask questions via Twitter using the hashtag #MarsFieldTrip.Read More>>Google+Hangout April 25, 2-3 pm ET>>
UPCOMING: USA Science & Engineering Festival
In support of the President's initiative to graduate one million STEM students over the next decade, NASA is the anchor exhibit at festival on April 25-27, in Washington D.C.Read More >>Google+ Hangout April 25, 2-3 p.m. ET
Martians: Celebrate Earth Day! - 04/22/2014
Join our Earth Day celebration. Take a pic on Earth & tag w/ #GlobalSelfie. Here's a picture taken in the Mars Yard at JPL with Curiosity's stunt double on Earth, Maggie.Read More >>
Orbiter Spies Rover Near Martian Butte - 04/16/2014
An image taken from orbit around Mars shows the Curiosity rover beside a rock layer that may become the mission's next drilling target.Read More >>
Rover's 5K Run - 02/14/2014
Curiosity logs 5K after a punishing trek over sharp terrain. To celebrate, JPLers put on their running shoes!More >>
Curiosity Rover Report: Dating Younger Rocks - 12/09/2013
Curiosity has determined the age of a Martian rock and provided first readings of radiation on the surface of Mars.More >>
Send a Postcard to Curiosity - 08/06/2013
Celebrate Curiosity's first year on Mars by sending the rover and the team a message.More >>
Explore Curiosity's Journey in 3D
Follow Curiosity's drive and read about the latest updates on Curiosity's Journey on Mars!Start NowMore >>
Mars in The Palm of Your Hands
Download the Be A Martian App on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Tablets!
Come Explore Mars With Us
Be part of exploration and discovery, and personally contribute to the expansion of human knowledge for all of us now, and as a legacy for those who follow.More >>
Take a Rover for a Spin
Want to drive a rover on the surface of Mars? Play this interactive!
Ask Dr. C
Have you ever wondered why Mars is red?
Or, how big is the Mars Science Laboratory rover? Ask Dr. C, your personal Mars expert!
Where is Curiosity?
See a map of Curiosity's current location and check out the mission clock, which tells you how many days Curiosity has been at Gale Crater.More >>
Learn About Me: Curiosity
My parts are similar to what a human would need to explore Mars (body, brains, eyes, arm, legs, etc.). Check it out though--sometimes they are located in odd places!
What's My Mission?
Enjoy this slideshow about Curiosity's mission: To see if Mars ever had the right conditions to support life!
How I Landed
Follow me through the Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) phases of my Mission. ^^^POPUP-START POPUPURL-START::./multimedia/interactives/edlcuriosity/index-2.html::POPUPURL-END POPUPTITLE-START::Interact::POPUPTITLE-END POPUP-END^^^ ^^^POPUP-START POPUPURL-START::./multimedia/interactives/edlcuriosity/indexV2-2.html::POPUPURL-END POPUPTITLE-START::At a Glance::POPUPTITLE-END POPUP-END^^^