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2001 Mars Odyssey
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Mission Team

Meet mission team members and other Mars people who have contributed at the Mars Exploration Program People web page.

2001 Mars Odyssey Project
David Lehman, Project Manager
Robert Mase, Mission Manager - profile
Peter T. Poon, Telecommunications and Mission Systems Manager - profile
Mark Dahl, Program Executive

2001 Mars Odyssey Scientists
Jeff Plaut (JPL, Project Scientist) - profile
David Senske (JPL, Deputy Project Scientist)
Michael Meyer (Program Scientist) - profile

Gamma Ray Spectrometer (GRS)
William Boynton (UAz, Team Lead/GRS PI) - profile
Igor Mitrofanov (IKI, HEND PI) - profile
William C. Feldman (NS Team Lead, Planetary Science Institute) - profile

For more information:

Martian Radiation Environment Experiment (MARIE)
Cary Zeitlin (PI, JSC)

Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS)
Philip R. Christensen (PI, ASU) - profile
Anton Ivanov (JPL, Investigation Scientist/THEMIS IS)

For more information:

Lockheed-Martin Astronautics (LMA)
Robert Berry, LMA Program Manager
Jim Neuman, LMA Operations Manager
Wayne Sidney, Spacecraft Engineer
Jim Chapel, Spacecraft Subsystems Lead
Kyle Martin, Spacecraft Systems Team Chief
Jeff Lewis, Spacecraft Systems Lead

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Map of the United States

Meet the people from around the world who have made contributions to the exploration of Mars at: Mars People