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Obtaining The Activities

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The activities are written as lesson plans that outline how teachers can conduct the lesson. Each activity has a background section, a detailed procedure, student sheets (when required), teaching tips, and assessment suggestions.

You can download one or more of the activities by clicking the links below. The activities and the images that accompany them are saved in a format called PDF, so to view them you will need Adobe Acrobat ™ Reader. Adobe Acrobat ™ Reader is a free software program that lets you view and print PDF pages. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat ™ Reader, click here to download a copy.

When you initiate the download of an activity, a dialog box with four options usually appears. Choose "Save File" and give the activity a name you'll recognize. Also, indicate the folder in which you want to store the activity by clicking on the black triangles to the right of the top box. The name in the top box represents the folder in which the file will be saved.

When you want to view what you've downloaded, open Adobe Acrobat ™ Reader and select "open" under the "File" menu. If you do not see the file name in the first menu that appears (and you probably won't), move through the menus by clicking on the black triangles next to the top box. The name in the top box represents the folder that you can CURRENTLY access. Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to view. When you see the activity's name, double click on it.

Make Scale Models of the Planets
(2 pages, no images, 482 kb)

Make a Scale Model of the Solar System
(2 pages, no images, 198 kb)

What Can Craters Tell Us About a Planet?
(11 pages, 4 images, 614 kb)

What Can Sand Indicate About How and Where Water Flowed?
(6 pages, 4 images, 1.6 mb)

How Does Flowing Water Shape a Planet's Surface?
(20 pages, 6 images, 2.7 mb)

What Is So Special About the Pathfinder Landing Site?
(6 pages, 6 images, 872 kb)

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