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04.20.2017 Chemical Laptop
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04.20.2017 Atacama Landscape
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03.17.2017 COBALT/Langley
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03.17.2017 COBALT/JPL team
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01.26.2017 Mono Lake
In this artist's concept, astronauts work on their habitat by using available resources on Mars.

Two Habitats on Mars

Artist's concept of possible exploration programs. Once on Mars, the crew connects the two habitats together and begin a variety of surface exploration and habitation activities. By using resources available at Mars and emphasizing the development of a robust set of surface systems, the crew's safety and the scientific and economic return of human missions to Mars are dramatically increased, while the cost of such missions decreases substantially.

Remote surface exploration in regions around the habitat complex is accomplished by using pressurized rovers. These vehicles would allow the crew to explore beyond the range permitted by their space suits while allowing them to operate in a shirtsleeve environment.

These images produced for NASA by John Frassanito and Associates. Technical concepts from NASA's Planetary Projects Office, Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Image Credit: NASA/JSC by John Frassanito and Associates

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